Contact Members

Season 2018-2019

LifeSaving Manager: Paul Hawkins
Patrol Officer: Travis Dawe
Surf Sports Manager: James Fell
Junior Activities: Sue Patterson
Members Registrar: Melissa Hoult

Age Manager Coordinator:   Sue Patterson

Contact via email: [email protected]

President:   Travis Dawe [email protected]

Vice President:  Derek Arnold and James Fel [email protected]

Vice President:   Andrew Arnold [email protected]

Secretary: Anita Howard  [email protected]

Treasurer: Jim Dennis [email protected]

Sponsorship: [email protected]

Marketing:  [email protected]

Clubhouse: [email protected]

Other info: [email protected]

Additional Members: Meg Culhane, Andrew Arnold, Kellie Arnold

*Ideally use the email addresses above or if you need to call, leave a detailed message & for us to forward to correct person to respond.
Phone Enquiries: Paul Hawkins 0407 532 380 (Life Saving) or Derek Arnold 0419 308 975 (President)
FOR EMERGENCIES: contact Police via 000 who will contact BPSLSC