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Pre Season weekly Thursday swim training: Commencing Thursday’24th August 6am at Launceston Aquatic Centre Pool

Surf training @ Gofton’s will begin Sunday 26th August, 9am ski paddle and 10:30am board paddle. Wear full wetsuit, gloves and booties

Bridport SLSC Open Day: Sat 8th Dec 10am to 1pm, Gofton’s Beach

The 2016 Nipper Championships is on again Sunday 6th March.  Sign up 10am for a 10:30 am start.

Bridport  1km and 2.25km ocean swim Saturday 13th February 2016.

$25 entry.

Registrations from 1:30pm at Club House

Briefing 2:45pm

Sponsored by Greg Crick Jeep

The Bridport Bowls, RSL & Community Club will provide a buffet style dinner for any clubs needing
a feed on Friday 14th February 6pm-8pm along with any locals who would like to join them.
Bookings are essential by Wed 12.02.14. Phone Simon on: 0448 635 611

This will be an intensive session for both new and experienced members (from 5yo to adult)

providing a focused overview on the major aspects of:


NB: Bring lunch or buy at BBQ

AGE GROUP: 8-9yrs, 10-12yo, 13-15yrs, 15yrs to adult

  • Ocean Swimming – strategy, starts, keeping on target, psychology, finishing
  • Surf Skis- starts, paddling, turning, finishing
  • Board Techniques – the start, entering the water, paddling, cornering, wave strategy, finishing
  • Sprint & Run Techniques – hard or soft stand starts & sprints, longer run tips
  • Beach Flags – preps & start techniques, the run (bumps and tips), the finish
  • Marine Life and Dangers – treating marine bites and stings


AGE GROUP: 5-9yo (including non or not strong swimmers)

  • Wading & fun games to get used to Splash
  • Surf Rescue – looking after our friends at the beach, and some fun non-water rescues
  • Boogie Boards – techniques in the shallows
  • Sprints & Beach Flags – soft & hard sand running, preps & start techniques, the run & the finish


We also hope to have a session with  Natural Resource Management (NRM) North about Coastal Care and more on the day!

Nippers starts Sunday 5th January at Gofton’s Beach Bridport 11:00am-12.30pm for 5-12 year olds.

BBQ snags at $2 each.

Surf Sports (competitive) training 8-15 year olds starts training Sunday’s 11:00-12.30pm. Additional sessions announced at training.

Life Saving Training Sundays 1:00pm-2.30pm for SRC /cadets 13-15 year olds and Seniors (doing Bronze Medallion and Awards trainjng)15yo to adult.

Nippers: All Sundays Jan and Feb @ 11 – 12:30

Sat 11th and 12th Jan @ 11 – 12:30