Swim the Pier

Swim the Pier



Swim the Pier happens most years sometime in January.  The date and time will be announced as Facebook events people can join.



The Old Pier is 486m to the end, but by the time you add the large swell at the end, and the current you will have easily swum an open water kilometre by the time you return.

Swim out to the end starting on the left of the Pier, and returning down the other side.


Short Course

A shorter course is advised for first time Pier swimmers or people wanting to build their fitness gradually.   Just cut through the middle to return to shore.
Let one of the life savers know you are “cutting through” .



At Old Pier Beach.  Drive along the street at the foreshore until you find the Boat Launch (not the one in the town) on the way out to the point.



To participate people must be good swimmers, capable of at least 2km in the pool or 1km+ in open water.

Participants must be over 18yrs and must sign a disclaimer OR over 13yrs and have a parent AND participant read/sign the disclaimer


A way to do an Open Water Swim with Life Saver Support.



The event may be shortened or cancelled if the conditions are dangerous OR there is not enough capacity to run the event safely. This will be announced on Facebook on the day.  LIKE our Bridport SLSC Facebook site and get our updates.


Sign In/Out

Sign In is 15 to 30 minutes before the start time.

Participant must wear a bright latex cap (provided or can be purchased) so Life Savers know you are swimming with us, and under our supervision.



The cost of Swim the Pier is by $10 donation.