Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing
Under 5-7 year olds do only wading activities. From Under 8’s onwards Nippers/Youth do deeper water skills, and therefore prior to doing their first Nippers Session, all participants in the program must complete a Proficiency Test, to check their swimming ability. This allows instructors to be aware of any participant who may require extra supervision in the water. It is essential children are able to swim. We do not teach swimming, unless it is offered in formal swimming classes. Pool Swimming Improvement can be accessed via your local pool’s Junior Life Saving Program. Speak to the Junior Activity Coordinator about this if it is a concern.
Proficiency Testing is also completed for all age groups from under 8’s through to adults. Bronze Medallion holders do a Proficiency Test which includes swimming, running, board and tube rescues, signals and radio communications as well as defibrillator and life support testing to maintain their Bronze Medallion currency.
Surf Sports Training
Surf Sport Coaches can help Nippers, Youth and Adults to enhance basic water skills and improve competitive performance for those who wish to compete in state carnivals and championships. Training for these participants is more intense as we have a short preparation period prior to the Competition Season starting.
See the Statewide Event Calendar at Surf Life Saving Tasmania’s site: .

Participants do not have to compete in every event, and many participants specialise in certain events. Carnival events usually include the following:
• Ski Paddling
• Beach Events
• Surf Swimming
• Surf Boats
• Board Riding
• Board paddling
• Ironperson Events
• Rescue and resuscitation
• March Past
• Inflatable Rescue Boat competition
• First Aid Competition
• Patrol Competition
• Champion Lifesaver
• Marathons, Multi-disciplines and Endurance Events

Surf Boats
Surf Boat Carnivals often occur separately to the mainstream Surf Sport Carnivals. Bridport SLSC has an active Surf Boats Rowing Program and is a really exciting sport! Speak to the Surf Boats Captain for more information.

Swim the Pier

Swim the Pier is on periodically throughout the season. Check our Facebook page for current dates.
Swim the Pier is a fun way to raise awareness of Bridport SLSC and raise funds for the club, and is a great soft entry point for youth or adults interested in joining the club. Come for a swim, have a chat, find out more!! The swim is not for the feint hearted however. It is 485m to the end of the pier, with a strong swell on a calm day. You can be sure you will have swum over 1kilometre by the time you return. Only fit and healthy strong swimmers over 13years should attempt the swim, and we advise that you do the optional shorter distance (half swim) with us first. You can turn back at anytime, just let the Life Savers know what you are doing so they can watch your return.