Silver Medallion


Whether setting up patrol areas or rescuing in heavy surf, every surf lifesaver knows the powerful motivation of saving or protecting a life.  It is a motivation that marks Surf Life Saving as more than just ‘something to do’ at the weekend.

When you turn 13 you can sit your Surf Rescue Certificate and once you have your Award there are a range of programmes and other Awards you can participate in to develop your skills further.

Qualification pathways

Patrolling Lifesaver Emergency Care Powercraft Radio Training Officer Assessor
18 Gold Medallion(Advanced Lifesaving) Silver Medallion(Beach Management) Assessor
 17  Silver Medallion(IRB Driving)  Silver Medallion(Radio Controller)  Training Officer
 16  Silver Medallion(Life Support)  IRB Crew
 15 Bronze Medallion Senior First Aid Advanced Resuscitation Basic Emergency Care Resuscitation(CPR)
 14 Radio Operator
 13  Surf Rescue  Emergency Care
 12  Surf Smart 2
 11  Surf Smart 1
 10  Surf Safety 2  Basic Resuscitation
 9  Surf Safety 1
 8  Surf Awareness 2
 7  Surf Awareness 1